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General Repairs
General Car Repair Services

General  vehicle repairs can range from the everyday car servicing needs of your  vehicle, like brake pads or wing mirror replacements, to the not so  frequent things like having a new exhaust pipe fitted or even welding.
In my  experience, many customers put off every day car repairs, worried that  the cost will be too high. However many of the simpler problems can be  relatively inexpensive to put right.
It is important to have  general car problems rectified as soon as possible. Delaying vehicle  repairs can cause further damage and in some extreme cases it can lead  to the vehicle being unsafe and illegal.
Regardless of what general repair you require, I will be happy to help you.

General Repair Service Offerings

I am consistently aiming to broaden my service offerings in line with  the developing market. Currently i am able to offer the following repairs, if the repair you require is not listed please do not hesitate to contact me, to see if i can help.

- General Engine & Brake Servicing
- Clutch ( Replacement )
- New & Secondhand  ( Replacements parts fitted )
- Engine and brake servicing
- Gearbox ( Replacement )
- Brake repairs - pads and discs
- Cambelt kit ( Replacement )
- Exhaust ( Replacement )
- Replacement batteries
- Wheel bearings ( Replacement )
- Drive Shafts ( Replacement )
- Suspension ( Replacment )
- CV and Gaitor Joints ( Replacment )
- Cooling Systems Radiator - water pump ( Replacment )
- Most MOT legal requirements
- And Much more

for More Information
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